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Why can’t I add my supervisor?

Only supervisors can indicate their supervision of HQP. Students, post-docs, and most staff do not have permission to do this. Supervisors can add the people they supervise using the “Edit Relations” link in the left sidebar after those people have joined the Forum.

Why can’t I add myself to a project?

Only supervisors and project leaders can request to add people to projects. Students and post-docs do not have permission to do this. Supervisors and project leaders can add their trainees to projects using the “Edit Roles” link in the left sidebar.

Why do I have to indicate my gender and nationality on my profile?

This information is requested by the NCE Secretariat for reporting purposes.

When I add products, they don’t show up in my public profile page.

The Forum is very selective about author recognition, to ensure that the right people get credit for publications and other products. Sometimes initials can cause problems. To fix this issue, go to the “Manage Products” section, click on the red publication title and then click on the “Edit Publications” button. Remove the names of GlycoNet-affiliated authors who are not recognized by the Forum from the list on the left, and replace them with the name recognized by the Forum from the list on the right. Use the arrows below the left-hand list to adjust the author order. Once the Forum recognizes a user, that person’s name appears in bold.

I am leaving the Network. What should I do?

HQP should indicate their departure from the Network by going to the HQP Alumni tab on their Profile page and adding information about their graduation and future plans.

I need more help using the Forum. Who can I contact?

More detailed help is available here. Please contact Ryan Snitynsky (snitynsk@ualberta.ca) or David Turner (support@forum.glyconet.ca) for further assistance using the Forum.