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The Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet) will build on Canada’s international leadership in glycomics over the last 50 years. Glycomics researchers (working in such disciplines as chemistry, biochemistry, biology and immunology) analyze the many and varied roles of carbohydrates in biological processes, including the carbohydrate structures on blood cells that determine blood type. Glycomics-based research has the potential to lead to the development of new drugs and vaccines for conditions such as influenza, genetic diseases or diabetes. By bringing together all key Canadian glycomics researchers, GlycoNet will deliver solutions to important health issues. In this rapidly growing field, the network aims to become a global destination for researchers and industry seeking solutions to problems through applied glycomics research.


GlycoNet Diversity & Inclusion Training Course is now available!

GlycoNet is pleased to offer our members EDI training! As we seek to create more respectful and inclusive workplaces, we encourage you, a valued member of GlycoNet, to take the course "Diversity & Inclusion Bootcamp."

The course will be required for Network Investigators, HQP, and candidate members who are:

  • Applying for funding (Strategic Initiatives, Clinical Partnerships, Translational, Summer Undergraduate Research Award, Advanced Training Opportunity Program, Research Travel & Supplement Program, MITACS);
  • Planning to attend GlycoNet-hosted conferences; or
  • Participating in GlycoNet's professional development workshop


  • Applicant, co-applicant, and HQP who are on the project application must complete the course before GlycoNet releases the funding.
  • Members must complete the course prior to attending any GlycoNet-hosted conferences and professional development workshops.

Learn how to take the course here.

HQP Registration

If you would like to apply to become an HQP in GlycoNet then please fill out the registration form.